How Mushrooms Are Nature’s Hidden Skincare Treasure

Mushrooms: Nature’s Hidden Skincare Treasure

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

Plants are one of the most underrated living things on Earth. They’re packed with amazing benefits from the roots to the leaves, yet they pretty much live a no-fuss, low-key existence.

Since ancient times, plants have been used as traditional medicines. With the rise of green consciousness and the clean beauty revolution, it’s now considered one of the best things that have ever happened in skin care. 

Faux Plant, Real Deal

Mushrooms have lived on Earth for millions of years, and it has built a solid reputation for itself.  It is known as a potent traditional medicine and has been widely used by ancient healers for its healing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It may look cute and fairy-like, but in reality, mushrooms are an absolute powerhouse of skin-healthy benefits. 

To set the record straight, mushrooms are not plants, though they are still considered a vegetable. They don’t contain chlorophyll, so they can’t photosynthesize and make food. Mushrooms belong to the fungi family with a plant-like form characterized by a stem and a fleshy cap, which is considered to be the fungi’s flower.  

The growth of fungi runs deep underground. What you see on the surface is definitely not the entire mushroom story. And no, the whimsical umbrella structure does not house elves. Rather, it is the ‘fruiting body’ containing the anatomy that produces and releases the spores for reproduction. 

Fungi play a very important role in the ecosystem. They break down organic matter to allow other creatures to feed on the nutrients and get rid of harmful chemicals and bacteria in water and soil. Mushrooms are also a rich source of protein and have chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics.

Fun fact: Mushrooms and toadstool refer to the same fungi. Mushrooms are edible and healthy, while toadstools are those you don’t want to mess with because of their poisonous nature. 

Mushroom Matters

COVID-19 opened Pandora’s box and issued a grim reminder about mortality. Almost overnight, the demand for holistic health and wellness products skyrocketed, with more people now opting for healthier, cleaner alternatives from food to beauty and skincare products. And with mushrooms having both nutritional value and medicinal properties, it’s no surprise that these incredible fungi took the beauty world by storm. 

Mushrooms are a deep reservoir of antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-tyrosinase, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor and hepatoprotective properties. Quite a mouthful, but these are actually the good stuff that makes a mushroom the perfect ingredient for cosmetic formulations. 

According to scientific literature published in the National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, some mushroom species have been known to contain numerous bioactive compounds, such as l-ergothioneine and lentinan, known to exert potent antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory activities.

Mushrooms are also packed with vitamins A, C, and D and biologically active compounds that make them a really powerful skincare ingredient.  These are also well-known adaptogens, which means that they help the body cope with stress and, in general, promote life longevity.

With all these wonderful benefits, it’s not surprising then that the fungi have caught the attention of giant pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies who have allotted a huge chunk of their resources to the research and development of mushroom products.

Fun fact: Have you ever wondered why mushrooms are like a dream come true to humanity? Quite surprisingly, fungi and animals share a common ancestry and up to 50% of our DNA. This makes us and mushrooms very compatible indeed. 

Belagu Natural’s Mushroom Magic

Belagu Naturals believes that there’s so much beauty in nature. Hence, it turned to plants to make skincare and health products that are sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in entirely recyclable materials. The brand has full confidence in the fungi’s untapped potential in creating clean, organic products that it concocted a wide range of beauty essentials such as serums, creams, toners, and masks that boasts of the mushroom’s magic. 

Here are some of the fantastic fungi that make BeLagu Skincare truly effective and skin-worthy.

Snow Mushroom Extract (Tremella fuciformis)

Tremella fuciformis or snow mushroom is a fungus that has the appearance of a white gelatinous flower and is commonly used as food and medicine in Asia. This mushroom, dubbed as a natural hyaluronic acid, is considered a hydration powerhouse because it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Because of this ability, Tremella mushroom is one of the most popular fungi skincare ingredients. 

It has high polysaccharide content acting as a humectant, creating a barrier on the skin’s surface to lock in moisture and make the skin feel soft, plump, and smooth. It is also a moisturizing agent that keeps nails and hair hydrated. Specifically, humectants present in snow mushrooms are mannose, xylose, and glucuronic acid. 

Snow mushroom is also rich in Vitamin D, so it exhibits amazing skin healing abilities and is quite effective in promoting cell growth and maintaining the skin’s barrier function. 

Tremella Talks

To hydrate and gently cleanse the face, use BeLagu’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser + Squalane. It has effective and all-natural ingredients such as snow mushroom and Sodium Hyaluronate, Aquaxyl, Squalane and Decyl Glucoside that comes together to deliver a gentle cleanser that is highly effective in hydrating the skin and in removing makeup, natural oils, and impurities. 

For cleansing and toning, BeLagu’s Intense Illuminating Toner + Niacinamide comes to the rescue.  It is an alcohol-free formulation that gently cleanses and tones without risking the loss of the skin’s natural moisture. This refreshing blend uses natural ingredients, such as Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom). 

Dry, rough skin? BeLagu’s Dewy Moisture Replenishing Cream has your backIt is a rich, lightweight cream that instantly promotes skin elasticity, hydration, moisture retention, and reduction of fine lines.  It makes skin silky smooth, and moisturized thanks to its natural ingredients, such as the snow mushroom. 

To finish off your skincare routine, use BeLagu’s Mineral Sunscreen Face Moisturizer SPF 30. It is an exceedingly lightweight formula that uses natural and safe ingredients. This sunscreen + moisturizer is also proven effective for all skin types and tones.

The Mineral Sunscreen Face Moisturizer SPF 30 principal ingredients include:

  • Zinc Oxide: Safe ingredient which creates a physical barrier between skin and damaging UV rays.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing agent and natural humectant — preserves the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Niacinamide: A multifunctional vitamin that promotes the production of essential skin proteins and helps reduce the effects of UV and environmental pollutants.

Reishi (ganoderma lucidu)

Reishi mushroom is not nicknamed the “mushroom of immortality” for nothing.  This fungus is quite prevalent in Asia for its ability to boost the immune system, cure infection and fight cancer.  It also actively fights free radicals and contains ergothioneine and reduced glutathione, two of the most powerful antioxidants. This enhances sun protection, eliminates wrinkles, and prevents premature aging. 

Reishi is high in polysaccharides and ganoderic acid, reversing collagen degradation and cellular damage. Moreover, it can decrease melanin concentration to eliminate dark spots and acne scars. Reishi also helps with hydration and has antioxidant-rich adaptogens, which aid the body in adapting to stress and fatigue. Its beta-glucan ingredient is responsible for the mushroom’s anti-inflammatory benefits.  

This super-mushroom also supports the skin’s resilience against stressors, locks in moisture, and improves barrier function to smoothen and soothe the skin.

Reishi Revelations

  • BeLagu’s Youth Defense Serum + Fullerene uses powerful age-defying ingredients for a more youthful appearance. This super-enriched serum corrects uneven skin tone and eliminates dullness to reveal a more radiant complexion. It also brings back the skin’s healthy glow and prevents premature aging. 

Shiitake (lentinula edodes)

In Japan, where it has been cultivated for over 2000 years, shiitake is known as the aromatic mushroom and symbolizes youth and longevity. In China, where it is used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is called the elixir of life. But this declaration is not surprising, as shiitake is rich in essential amino acids. This mushroom also prevents the deterioration of collagen, which can result in smoother, brighter, youthful-looking skin. 

Shiitake is famous for its ability to fade the appearance of photodamage and acne scarring, so it is quite effective in brightening the skin, which could be attributed to its naturally occurring kojic acid. 

It also has ergothioneine and beta-glucan, making shiitake a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory cosmetic ingredient. These compounds strengthen the skin’s defense system by activating the immunocompetent cells to help fight environmental stressors.  Shiitake’s healing properties also help improve the skin’s barrier strength and boost elasticity.  

Shiitake Secrets

Rapid Brightening Serum + Tranexamic Acid

  • Want to drink from the fountain of youth? Or better yet you can lather this luxurious Rapid Brightening Serum + Tranexamic Acid to get noticeably bright, smooth and even-toned complexion. This serum has pure and gentle ingredients so it won’t harm your skin in the process. Make sure to supplement your skin protection with Belagu Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 moisturizer and limit sun exposure when using Rapid Brightening Serum.        

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (Cordyceps Mushroom)

Cordyceps Sinensis is a medicinal mushroom characterized by its long, skinny shape and bright orange color. Like its cousins in the fungi family, Cordyceps is an excellent source of antioxidants with benefits including skin hydration and collagen and elastin production. It also improves skin elasticity and is known to be anti-inflammatory. Cordyceps protects the skin from free radicals and environmental damage, and it can reverse the signs of aging and support cellular activity for healthy, younger-looking skin. 

This mushroom has healing properties too, and when applied topically, it can treat eczema and other skin conditions. 

Cordyceps Creations

  • Try BeLagu’s Collagen Boosting Night Cream + Bakuchiol for that desirable skin with a youthful glowThis cream is filled to the brim with anti-aging properties and can firm, tighten and plump up the skin effortlessly. Bakuchiol “Nature’s Retinol” also performs with less risk of irritation and occurrences of adverse effects.

Aside from cordyceps, other principal ingredients found in BeLagu’s Collagen Boosting Night Cream + Bakuchiol are:

  • Bakuchiol: Natural alternative to retinol with less risk of Irritation. Helps in the reduction of wrinkles, exfoliates the skin, and contains antioxidant properties.
  • Niacinamide: Aids in restoring skin luminosity and reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven pigmentation.
  • Palmitoyl: Reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen in the skin.

Luxurious vegan masks with mushroom ingredients

Check out also these vegan masks that are enriched with snow mushrooms and a plethora of clean, organic products. 

Cucumber Magical Self-Foaming Vegan Masks

The mask transforms into a dense, luxurious lather that effectively eliminates dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess sebum while promoting the skin’s pH balance. 

Formulated with Cucumber Puree, which contains Vitamin C, caffeic acid, and polysaccharides to address skin concerns related to hydration, aging, and inflammation. It is enriched with polysaccharides from Snow Mushroom, rendering a dewy, moisturized skin—a problem-solver for sensitive or irritation-prone skin.

Purple Yam Magical Self-Foaming Vegan Masks

The whipping cream-like foam washes dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess sebum without over-drying the skin. It contains 100% real Purple Yam Puree, which is loaded with antioxidants like anthocyanins and Vitamin C, preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging as well as high content of mineral potassium, supporting skin hydration and moisturization. 

Its enzymes gently slough off dead skin cells, promoting cell renewal for smooth-looking skin. This bubbling mask is loaded with essential polysaccharides from Snow Mushroom, which help maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. Specifically designed to rejuvenate combination, normal to oily skin.

Cranberry Magical Self-Foaming Vegan Masks

The instant foaming, purifying lather subdues dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess sebum, deeply cleansing and refreshing the skin. This exclusive formula has 100% natural Cranberry Puree, which has a rich source of polyphenols (Catechin, Quercetin, and Myricetin) to help repair damaged skin and restore elasticity to aging skin as well as Tocopherols and Tocotrienols, fighting free radicals to minimize visible signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. 

It is enriched with polysaccharides from Snow Mushroom, which promote healthy-looking, dewy skin. Ideal for those with rough, dry skin to keep the skin’s moisture barrier intact.

Sweet Potato Magical Self-Foaming Vegan Masks

The rich, creamy foam gently removes stubborn dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess sebum without stripping the skin’s natural lipid barrier. It is formulated with Sweet Potato Puree, known for its high levels of Beta-carotene, Anthocyanin, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C for healthy, radiant-looking skin as well as minerals, potassium, and pantothenic acid which help in keeping skin moisturized. 

The complex glycans from Snow Mushroom penetrate the skin to boost skin hydration with phytonutrients to transform dull-looking skin into radiant, renewed skin visibly.

Pumpkin Magical Self-Foaming Vegan Masks

The oxygenated lather gently lifts dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess sebum. It is formulated with Pumpkin Puree, rich in Vitamins A & C for healthy-looking radiant skin as well as enzymes that gently exfoliate to speed up natural skin surface regeneration. It is supercharged with polysaccharides from Snow Mushroom, penetrating the skin to boost skin hydration. Particularly for acne-prone and oily skin due to its Vitamin E and Torulitine content.