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Beautiful Skin. As in nature, less can be more.

Simple, pure, light. BeLAGU® crafts 100 percent all-natural ingredients with proven cosmetic properties known to enhance your skin.

All our ingredients are carefully selected by specialists to deliver a natural but effective product range that will leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

The Ingredient List Just Got Smaller

Skin Conscious. Eco-conscious.

Natural ingredients are not only good for your skin but also for the environment. Without chemicals and with fewer processes, BeLAGU® products blend innovation with eco-conscious practices, showcasing the unique benefits of mushrooms in the skincare industry.


Discover Our Best Sellers

Enhance Your Nightly Skincare Routine


Silky Smooth, Instant Hydration for Skin Replenishment


Nature’s Brightening Agent delivers a Radiant Glow


Super-enriched Serum for a Radiant Complexion and a Restored Youthful Look


Made in America, with American Derived Ingredients

Many cosmetic brands use imported ingredients and manufacture products overseas. We believe in using locally sourced ingredients and simple processes with higher levels of quality control over every skincare product we produce.


Our carbon footprint is reduced as a result. It’s a simple philosophy that delivers a small impact that adds up over time. We’re proud of our approach and our connection to nature via the humble yet incredible mushroom.

Rapid Brightening Deluxe Set

Correct dull and uneven skin tones for a more vibrant glow, brighter and healthier feeling complexion

Youth Defense Deluxe Set

Our Youth Defense Deluxe Set includes ingredients that help improve skin appearance for a revitalized look.

Collagen Boosting Deluxe Set

The Collagen Boosting Deluxe Set is a luxurious, natural alternative for your nightly routine, delivering skin-tightening benefits and leaving your skin looking plump.