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About BeLAGU® Naturals

BeLAGU® Naturals was proudly founded in California in 2014. We were founded on the belief that beauty hides in nature itself and that everyone should consider the benefits of natural ingredients. Nature is our starting point, inspiration, and source of knowledge about skin, beauty, and health.
In the past decade, we have achieved many milestones. Our understanding of the natural benefits available from mushrooms has evolved, and customers love the results they see from best selling BeLAGU® products such as the Youth Defense Serum, Rapid Brightening Serum, Collagen Boosting Night Cream, and our range of Vegan face masks.

Giving back to nature

Since BeLAGU®’s inception, our complete range of skincare products have been natural, cruelty-free, and packaged in entirely recyclable materials.

By using fully recyclable packaging, we can contribute in a small way to helping the environment and repaying nature that provides us with so much. All of our ingredients are sourced from the United States, and our products are made in the USA too, which helps reduce our carbon footprint further.

The BeLAGU® Naturals process – the magic underneath

We start our product development process by experimenting with textures and the restorative power of natural ingredients.

Every BeLAGU® skincare product is the result of our founders’ intuitive knowledge of nature to provide the gentlest ingredients, the fullest nourishment, and the best rejuvenating benefits for skin. This is aligned with scientific knowledge provided by experienced chemists who possess a deep understanding of raw ingredients and the unique properties that have effects such as skin rejuvenation, boosted collagen production, increased hydration, and preserved elasticity.

Today, our highly trained chemists develop powerful formulas and combine their expertise and love of nature to create each BeLAGU® product, just as we did when we started in 2014.

We hope you are inspired to trust in nature and our high-quality ingredients with proven efficacy. Start your journey towards natural, beautiful, healthy-looking skin with BeLAGU® today.

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