We are utilizing our mother nature's full power

Nature is pure, and so are our Belagu products. We create natural skincare formulated only with clean ingredients.

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Purely Organic Skincare Products

$53.00 each

Dewy Moisture Replenishing Cream

HOW TO USE As part of a skin care routine. Apply gently to the face, neck and decolletage until ful...
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$58.00 each

Rapid Brightening Serum + Tranexamic Acid

HOW TO USE Apply a thin layer to the face starting twice weekly with fingertips using a circular mo...
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$50.00 each

Youth Defense Serum + Fullerene

HOW TO USE As part of a skin care routine. Gently pat one pump of product over face with circular m...
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$52.00 each

Collagen Boosting Night Cream + Bakuchiol

HOW TO USE Apply a pea size amount all over the face gently in a circular and upward motion after c...
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$42.00 each

Hydrating Facial Cleanser + Squalane

HOW TO USE As part of a skin care routine. With dry hands, massage a small amount of cleanser into ...
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$35.00 each

Intense Illuminating Toner + Niacinamide

HOW TO USE Saturate a cotton pad and smooth over cleansed face. No rinsing as needed. Wait a few mo...
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