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Untapped Potential of Fungi in Skincare | BeLagu Naturals

“In nature, nothing is perfect, and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.” 

From the Roman Food of the Gods to the Elixir of Life in Chinese culture, mushrooms have a deep root in history, especially in food and medicine. Now it resurfaces as a powerful wonder ingredient in skin care.

Why mushroom?

Mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest treasures.

The world is rich in this fantastic ingredient, hosting around 15,000 varieties of mushrooms. Depending on the variety, mushrooms contain health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are nutrient powerhouses of fiber that have been shown to boost the immune system. New research led by Penn State College of Medicine also reveals that mushrooms may benefit a person’s mental health.

BeLagu Naturals embraces this genetic diversity and offers only the freshest and finest ingredients in their luxurious skincare line.

The Wonder of Mushrooms in Skincare

A culinary wonder, mushrooms have long been known for adding depth and complexity to our dishes. No less than the New York Times hailed it as Ingredient of the Year. Today, mushrooms are further taking centerstage as the treasured stars in the beauty world.

Mushrooms are spotlighted for their regenerative, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Various research into the benefits of mushrooms led to the discovery of their wonder in beauty and wellness: they do wonders for cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles and fine lines.

The use of these bell-shaped fungi in skin care has been introduced previously. It traces its roots to the East, where Traditional Chinese Medicine has been one of its original avid users for healing and cleansing properties. The West caught on to this beauty practice much later in the 2000s.

Today, more and more are investing in research to help broaden the understanding of mushrooms’ nutritional benefits. BeLagu Naturals is a frontrunner in the skin care industry, paving the way for you to experience the tremendous benefits of mushrooms for your skin.

How BeLagu Naturals uses fungi in their products

Every variant from the fungi family offers its unique set of benefits. BeLagu products allow you to reap the benefits of these premium varieties safely: snow mushroom shiitake, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms.

It’s not the first time mushrooms were used in skincare and cosmetics, like how BeLagu Naturals has masterfully done today. It has a rich history and has withstood the test of time. Let’s trace the roots of mushroom beauty back to ancient Eastern civilizations.

The Historical Use of Mushrooms in Asia

The Asian beauty and skincare industry has been incorporating mushrooms in the East for nutritional and cosmeceutical applications since its ancient civilizations. Only recently, the West is starting to play catch up with timeless Asian beauty practices.

Traditional medicinal properties of mushrooms

Mushrooms have long been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine. These fungi were prized for their healing and adaptogenic properties, where they help destress and soothe. This makes mushroom-infused skincare rituals all the more zen and relaxing.

Ancient Chinese beauty practices with mushrooms in skin care

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using mushrooms to treat all kinds of ailments, including ones for the skin. Mushroom cosmeceuticals have been well-used in Chinese culture.

The Reishi mushroom is heralded in China as the Mushroom of Immortality. What else is immortality comprised of, if not health, vitality, and youthful beauty?

The key is to marry wise Eastern beauty traditions and philosophies with modern Western cosmeceutical science and research and let the rest run its natural course. Finding natural alternatives to clean and sustainable skin care products with other options, such as mushrooms, will benefit the world. A balanced east-meets-west harmony is something that this wonder ingredient can do.

The Science Behind Mushroom Magic

It sounds magical and whimsical, but it’s all thanks to science that you can experience these astounding benefits simply from using mushrooms in skin care.

Although there is still much to learn about the thousands of shroom varieties, studies have shown that mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that effectively work gently on the skin in countless ways. Because of the diversity in mushroom variety left untapped, there is near limitless prospect for its future use.

Essential bioactive compounds in mushrooms

Let’s get our imaginary magnifying glass and zoom into the bioactive compounds that act to make our skin more beautiful and healthy.

One fungus wonder ingredient is the snow mushroom. BeLagu’s products contain this ingredient, which is highly moisturizing, soothing, and great for mature skin.

The bioactive compounds in shiitake mushrooms, such as l-ergothioneine and lentinan, offer you the following benefits in cosmetics and skin care: exfoliant, anti-inflammatory, boosts skin regeneration, and brightens skin.

The reishi mushroom or lingzhi contains polysaccharides acids that enhance skin quality, address skin photoaging, whiten skin, and treat skin diseases, among its other conceivable benefits.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and skin-protective properties

Natural and eco-friendly skincare ingredients are the best choice when choosing what you put on your skin. That's BeLagu Naturals' primary specialty, and here's why.

A European study in 2016 showed that mushrooms in skin care and cosmetics are indeed antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, address hyperpigmentation concerns, and prevent skin damage. That’s many benefits packed in such a small, earthy package.

Your skin is a natural work of art and deserves the best skincare. We must look to the future and innovate to deliver the best mushroom skincare products.

The prospect for modern skincare formulations

Although the scientific research and innovation for mushrooms in skin care are gradual, there is no denying that mushroom skin care is a trending phenomenon for consumers and producers alike.

More and more beauty enthusiasts and manufacturers are actively exploring the possibility of mushrooms as gentle yet effective alternatives to mainstream beauty ingredients. From mushroom cleansers, serums, creams, and even skin-friendly food, this wonder ingredient generates a lot of buzz. It is well-deserved, and about time we pay attention to this magical ingredient.

BeLagu Naturals is at the forefront of innovative skincare technologies with mushrooms as a key ingredient, which is both unexpected and endearingly charming at the same time.

As grounding as mushrooms and other fungi are, they are not to be underestimated. Mushrooms are one of mother earth’s best-kept secrets.

BeLagu Naturals: Harnessing the Power of Fungi

Time and time again, nature shows us that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. From the tallest of trees to the tiniest of microorganisms — magic and miracles occur every day, right before our eyes.

It’s out of the ordinary. The word fungus is not a word you would often associate with beauty. But lo and behold, studies show they play a vital role in making the world a beautiful paradise. BeLagu Naturals knows this very well and has mastered harnessing mushrooms in skin care.

The inspiration behind BeLagu’s love for mushrooms

The documentary film, Fantastic Fungi, greatly inspired the beauty brand. Fungi and mushrooms are indeed involved in death and decay, but they’re also essential for life and nature’s rebirth. Indeed, there is beautiful magic beneath us.

BeLagu skincare products contain various mushroom ingredients with mighty effects that you would be aware of in your daily beauty routine.

Precious mushroom extracts used in BeLagu Naturals’ skincare line

BeLagu Naturals integrates these mushroom wonder ingredients into its luxurious skincare line:

  • Snow Mushroom
  • Shiitake Mushroom-based Extract
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract
  • Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

In recent decades, many studies have shown that the Snow Mushroom extract has “potent effects on moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and anti-radiation.” BeLagu’s gentle cleanser, toner, SPF30 moisturizer, and dewy moisture-replenishing face cream all contain this powerful ingredient with massive benefits for your skin.

The shiitake mushroom ingredient in its products is rich in bioactive compounds that are highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Use BeLagu’s Rapid Brightening Serum with shiitake mushroom and tranexamic acid to maximize its benefits on your skin.

A great cleanser and anti-aging ingredient, reishi mushrooms are slowly making their way into skincare use. The brand’s luxurious Youth Defense Serum takes advantage of this wonder ingredient that is beautifying, soothing, and moisturizing to boot.

Hailing from the Himalayas, cordyceps mushrooms in skin care boost the skin’s defense system and help correct hyperpigmentation. Get BeLagu’s Collagen Boosting Night Cream with cordyceps and bakuchiol for firmer, tighter, and plumper skin with regular use.

The Advantages of Mushroom-Based Skin Care

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Mushroom-based skincare products are considered sustainable and environmentally friendly because they’re biodegradable, have a low carbon footprint, are derived from natural properties, and are a renewable resource.

When non-biodegradable products are discarded, they break down naturally without harming Mother Earth. BeLagu Naturals’ product line is specially formulated with rich biodegradable mushrooms. Mushrooms are also known to be a renewable resource; they’re grown and harvested without causing damage to the environment, and they typically have a low carbon footprint since they don’t need large amounts of energy to produce.

Generally, companies that use natural ingredients, like mushrooms, in their products are committed to sustainable corporate practices and support eco-friendly cultivation.  

Versatile for different skin types and concerns

BeLagu Naturals’ line of skincare products is designed for all skin types. The brand believes that every skin type—from oily to dry and sensitive—can benefit from the mighty healing power of fungi and other naturally occurring ingredients in its skincare products.

Each skin is unique and, therefore, needs to be treated differently. However, the pillars of skincare rituals lie in cleansing, exfoliating, treating, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Cleansing is the primary and most crucial step in every skincare regimen, as it removes dirt and other impurities from the skin, making it ready to receive additional products. A good cleansing product will effectively remove makeup and dirt without stripping the skin from its natural oils.

Toning or exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, making the skin appear brighter, and it helps with cell turnover, revealing younger-looking skin. Toners also help in clearing out skin contamination that the cleanser may have failed to remove.

Treating involves aiming at specific skin concerns—such as acne, redness, or hyperpigmentation—using active ingredients like acids and vitamins.

Moisturizing is sealing hydration back into the skin to support nourishment, making the skin soft and supple. Even individuals with oily skin need to hydrate to achieve a good balance of oils.

And finally, sun protection is crucial and is a much-needed step in the daytime skincare routine to protect the skin from sun damage from UVA and UVB rays. A broad spectrum of 30 is ideal and should be applied every two hours when outdoors.

Standout properties of mushrooms in skincare formulations

Today, there’s a growing demand for skincare products formulated with organic and natural ingredients, like mushrooms. These are perceived to be safer to use, healthier, and more eco-friendly. As consumers become more aware of the adverse side effects of chemical-infused cosmetics, they lean more toward natural ingredients deemed safe and effective.

Mushrooms are all of those things and more—they possess powerful antioxidant properties that aid in relieving the skin of free radicals that cause damage to our cells. They protect the skin from environmental stressors, therefore preventing the onset of skin aging. Mushrooms are rich in anti-inflammatory properties too. These combinations help calm irritated skin, making products infused with it great for sensitive skin types.

Certain types of mushrooms contain hyaluronic acid, which aids in attracting, retaining, and pumping moisture back to the skin, leading the way for softer and more supple skin. Some even help target and prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Due to their antioxidant activities, mushrooms are scientifically known to have anti-aging, lifting, and firming effects. They’re also infused with skin-whitening properties—a trait considered important and aspirational in some Asian cultures.

The Future of Fungi in Skincare

New discoveries and innovations

Scientists and researchers are conducting more tests and experiments to learn about the prospect of mushrooms in the cosmetics industry, particularly their unique benefits to skin health.

Mushrooms, being regarded as a traditional source of bioactive compounds that promote health, prevent disease, and enhance performance, researchers are making the most of them as a imaginably dominant skincare ingredient.

More research is conducted to learn about the skin health benefits of fungi, so we can expect to see a rise in mushroom-based skincare products being available in the market. Also, as consumers become more cautious about the products they use—especially those they apply to their skin—we expect to see a greater demand for safer yet practical options. Mushrooms offer a biodegradable substitute to traditional skin care products, making them an attractive alternative for the eco-conscious consumer.

How BeLagu Naturals contributes to this growing trend

BeLagu Naturals opted to use mushrooms as its hero ingredient, among the numerous other full-bodied (and relatively cheaper) ingredients one can easily find and source in the market. Being a supporter of clean beauty and the power of nature, BeLagu Naturals is committed to delivering safe and effective products to its customers.

With continued research and promoting mushroom-based skincare products, BeLagu Naturals help make this trend known among traditional and modern consumers.

The lasting impact of mushrooms on the beauty industry

Scientists expect to discover more species of mushrooms over time. The current studies account only for a small fraction of the mushroom classifications. This demonstrates the further exploitation of the use of mushrooms in the development of health and beauty industries.

More multifaceted studies will be taken into the forefront of skincare, leading to more mushrooms being used in cosmetic products.

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